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Tower Garden Tips: How to Keep Produce Fresh in Winter

So you recently harvested a great crop of fresh fruits and vegetables using your Tower Garden and now you have a plethora of produce for you and your family to enjoy! But, what do you do when it’s time to store that bounty? And, how do you keep your produce fresh for your family to enjoy, particularly in the upcoming winter months?

Below, Tower Garden has some great tips and tricks to help keep your fruits and vegetables garden-fresh during the upcoming winter season – these are great tips for really any produce!

  • First In, First Out. Make sure you’re serving your fruits and vegetables in the same order in which you harvest or purchase them. This is a simple rule of thumb and a great way to make sure your family is eating the freshest produce all the time.
  • Cold and Moist vs. Cool and Dry. Temperature and humidity play a large role in keeping your produce fresh and extending the shelf life. It’s important to know which produce like cabbage and tomatoes should be stored in cold and moist environments, while winter squash and herbs should be stored in cool, dry environments.
  • The Peak of the Pick. Another great way to ensure your produce will keep fresh longer is by picking your crop at the peak of maturity. Underdeveloped or over-ripened vegetables and fruits will have a shorter shelf life.
  • Finding the Right Spot. Finding the right spot in your home to store your produce for the winter is imperative. For example, some people store their vegetables in their basements in crates or burlaps sacks. Attics are another great place to store vegetables and fruits that need less cold air but still require darkness.
  • The Daily Recommended Value. This may sound strange but think of this way: serving your family the recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetable will not only keep your family healthier, it will keep the need for access storage of those produce to a minimum.

Eating healthy year-round can be as simple as having the right tools in place. The above storage tips and tricks can help keep produce fresh and ensure your family has access to fresh, healthy meals during the winter months to come.

What tips have you found really useful about properly storing produce?

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