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Stay Focused and Energized During Finals Week with Our Healthy Tips

With winter break fast approaching, there is only one thing standing between you and freedom:  those dreaded final exams. Unfortunately, stressful days and long hours studying can take a toll on your body.  And if you’re like most college students, you’re already begun feeling the pressure.  Luckily, we’ve prepared some healthy tips to get you through final exams and motivated to finish the semester strong. 

  • Avoid added stress from others.  Studying with others can be beneficial, but choose your study partners carefully. Resist the urge to study with a friend who overly complains about all of the work they have to do. Their stress will only add to yours, and that’s not good for anyone’s health. 
  • Plan regular breaks. Too much of anything is never good – including studying! When studying, take a 10 minute break every hour or so. Small breaks allow your mind and body a chance to refresh and will keep you more focused.
  • Say “No” to all-nighters.  No matter how much more studying you have to do, pulling an all-nighter will only negatively affect your immune system. When you’re rested, your mind is better able to process and retain information. Aim for at least seven hours of sleep before that big exam to leave your body rested and energized for the morning. 
  • Eat for brain power. Although you may have a busy schedule, eating right is essential to boost your brain power. Healthy meals will not only give you energy and nutrition, but they can provide those much-needed breaks that will allow you to refresh your body and mind.  Remember to never skip meals and prepare healthy snacks ahead of time.                     

Staying healthy while studying can be difficult, but following these healthy tips can make all the difference. How do you stay healthy while preparing for your final exams?  

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