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Celebrating 20 Years of Juice Plus+

Juice Plus+ started with a simple idea.

Parents and grandparents have told us to eat our fruits and vegetables for years. But it wasn’t until the 1980s that scientists began to better understand why fruits and vegetables are so important to good health.

In 1991, the National Cancer Institute launched the “5 A Day Campaign” to encourage us all to eat more fruits and vegetables – because we simply weren’t eating enough, and it was increasingly impacting our health. At the same time, many Americans were joining the juicing craze in an effort to get more nutrition from fruits and vegetables into their diets every day. But juicing, while very healthful, can be expensive and time-consuming – not to mention very messy – which is why so many people who tried it gave it up.

Introducing Juice Plus+: The Next Best Thing to Fruits and Vegetables

It was against this backdrop that we introduced Juice Plus+ Orchard and Garden Blends back in 1993. This novel product contained “concentrated nutrition from fruits and vegetables in convenient and inexpensive capsules.” We positioned Juice Plus+ from the beginning as “the next best thing to fruits and vegetables,” because we wanted people to eat more of the real thing, too. (We still do.)

Juice Plus+ was based on a simple premise. People weren’t eating nearly enough fruits and vegetables. Juice Plus+ was designed to help people “bridge the gap” between what they should eat, and what they do eat, every day.

Millions of customers later, Juice Plus+ is still helping families around the world bridge the nutritional gap.

Not an old-fashioned vitamin supplement

Unlike old-fashioned vitamin supplements, Juice Plus+ provides whole food based nutrition from a wide assortment of nutritious fruits and vegetables. This means that Juice Plus+® contains a much wider variety of naturally occurring vitamins, antioxidants, and other phytonutrients than traditional vitamin supplements.

In fact, Juice Plus+ contains a full array of phytonutrients  - and even some of the fiber – found in the fruits and vegetables it’s made from. These nutrients work together in powerful combination to provide you more of the benefits of eating healthful whole foods than vitamins do.

We don’t just say it. We prove it.

We knew from the start that Juice Plus+ was a much needed product. But over the ensuing 20 years, we've gone to great lengths to assure our customers of the quality and efficacy of our products.

  • As we’ve grown, we’ve developed a strong network of long-term relationships with farmers across North America, and with multiple manufacturing partners.
  • We’ve invested millions of dollars to support independent clinical studies of Juice Plus+ at prestigious universities around the world. More than 25 of these studies have been published in leading peer-reviewed professional journals. More are underway.
  • Juice Plus+ is reviewed and certified by NSF, the not-for-profit public health and safety company. You see their seal on every Juice Plus+ bottle and pouch.
  • And through the Juice Plus+ Children’ Health Study, more than 150,000 families have told us about the great results they’ve experienced since taking Juice Plus+® – from actually eating more fruits and vegetables to going to the doctor less. (

Thank you for a great first 20 years.

Of course none of this would have been possible without the support of loyal Juice Plus+ customers. We would like to thank our customers for helping us fulfill our mission of “inspiring healthy living around the world.”

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