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Jason Fowler’s Fuel for Ironman Triathlon training

I managed to catch up with Jason Fowler recently for an update on his all-out bid for Ironman at the World Championship in Hawaii this October.  Since qualifying at the Lubbock trials in July for one of the coveted slots in the competition, Jason reports that he’s extending his flight path toward victory with the power of Juice Plus+.

“Juice Plus+ is really an integral part of my training and, more importantly, my recovery from my training.  I actually graduated from a health and wellness pushing program in January. I learned a lot about nutrition and, more importantly again, recovery.

“Recovery.” That definitely seems to be the key word here. Jason knows that he’s going to have to be able to fuel and maintain the rigorous pace he’s set in order to peak in Hawaii.

“I’m training an average of 18 hours a week—every day I basically have a workout planned.

I only take days off when life stuff comes up or when I’m just totally exhausted and need to take a day off.  Otherwise, I’m training every day, so I need to recover from one day’s workout really quick so that I can jump back into the next day’s workout and make it a quality workout—make it really mean something.“

Jason has known for quite some time that fruits and vegetables are important, but since his health push in January, he’s more committed than ever to his focus on whole food nutrition.

“Fruits and vegetables are so important.  I always knew that, but I didn’t know to what degree! I’ve been on Juice Plus+ now for over five years ‘almost consistently’ and ‘definitely consistently’ for the last three years; and for my recovery, I’ve started doing double and triple dosing of Juice Plus+ in the last month leading up to important races.  And honestly, I have never felt this good, and I know that it has to do a lot with my preparation and training, but also my nutrition as well.  I think Juice Plus+ is really an integral part of my being able to recover from my strenuous daily workout schedule.”

Curious to see what Jason calls “strenuous”?  Watch the first of our Jason Training Updates.

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