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Healthy Alternatives for Game Day: Our Solution to the Velveeta Shortage

The rumors are true: Kraft Foods Group is currently dealing with a Velveeta cheese shortage. Store shelves have seen little of the popular product over the past few weeks and customers have definitely noticed. Dubbed on Twitter as a “cheesepocalypse,” the shortage has caused much concern in the Kraft community as sports fans are gearing up for the biggest sporting event of the year when the popular processed cheese is needed most – for dip, of course! If you’re an avid party planner, you are most likely finalizing party details for the big game yourself, including food preparation. You may be thinking, “How can I possibly entertain without a chips-and-dip combo to serve?” Well, don’t worry because we have a solution: try eating right this Sunday with one of these healthy alternatives to Velveeta cheese dip.

Be a Nutrition Game Changer

Instead of having a cheesy meltdown over the Velveeta shortage, forget the average game day cheese dip and try serving one of these healthy alternatives. Whichever veggie-friendly dip recipe you choose, it’s sure to be a hit! By renewing your party dip recipe repertoire for the big game, you’ll not only be promoting healthy eating among your football-loving friends, but you’ll also be doing your dairy-allergy-prone guests a favor. Enjoying the big game while maintaining a balanced nutritional diet; now that’s a nutrition game changer.

Healthy Eating for the Big Game: 5 Healthy Dip Recipes

+ Layered Greek Dip

+ Fresh Guacamole

+ Artichoke and Spinach Dip

+ Traditional Hummus

+ Fresh Tomato Salsa

Share your healthy game day recipes in the comments section below!

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