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Ariana Kukors and Dr. Paul Stricker Endorse Juice Plus+ for Fitness Nutrition

We are now in the midst of the greatest winter games in history, a time that is inspiring in the way that it shows the peak of athletic ability. Of course, one of the most crucial aspects to the athleticism demonstrated in these winter games is fitness nutrition, an element of competitive athleticism that we can all incorporate into our daily routines. At Juice Plus+, we are just as excited as the rest of you to see who will be adorned in gold, silver, or bronze. We are also proud to be endorsed by an athlete and sports medicine doctor who have participated in these games and know that Juice Plus+ is a fantastic aid to fitness nutrition.

Ariana Kukors, an American world champion swimmer who holds the current world record for the 200-meter medley, takes Juice Plus+ to aid her sports performance. Kukors is a former competitor in the world’s greatest Summer Games, and such an athletically accomplished woman knows the importance of fitness nutrition. She has pushed her body to limits and extremes that many of us can only imagine as we watch her swim farther and faster with each lap and every stroke. After winning five national championships, seven international medals, and breaking five American records, Ariana Kukors is a testament to health, sports performance, and fitness nutrition. She endorses Juice Plus+ as a great source of whole food based nutrition for athletes.

Dr. Paul Stricker, a doctor of sports medicine, also knows plenty about these great games, because he served as a physician for the U.S. team in the 2000 Sydney games. Dr. Stricker doesn’t just believe in fitness nutrition; he knows it with a thoroughness that only a physician can. A former president of the American Medical Society Council on Sports Medicine, Dr. Stricker’s accomplishments in the field of medicine and sports performance have made him a leading authority on fitness nutrition as one of his many fields of expertise. Dr. Stricker emphasizes, “Athletes can be physically fit but still unhealthy. That's why I'm so thrilled with Juice Plus+: it's such an easy way for children and their parents to get more of the good nutrition lacking in our diets today. Optimal nutrition is absolutely essential to good health and to optimal physical performance.”

As we watch the great winter games this month, we hope that the athletic accomplishments showcased inspire you to live a healthy lifestyle and to better yourself with exercise and good fitness nutrition. Juice Plus+ can be a great start to bridge the nutritional gap.

How have you been inspired by the Winter Games?

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