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Healthy Living during Spring Break

Healthy living isn’t easy, no matter the time of year, but it’s especially difficult during vacation time. During Spring Break, the temptation to abandon healthy living for the sake of indulgence is almost irresistible, but we don’t have to choose between healthy living and a good time. Juice Plus+ has three tips for how to stay healthy during your break.

  1. Try a new outdoor activity. Healthy living is as much about diet as it is about exercise and, with warmer weather on the way, there is no reason not to enjoy some physical activity during your Spring Break. A perfect spring day is also the perfect time to try your hand at rock climbing, soccer, jogging, cycling or even golfing. If you’re spending your Spring Break on the beach, consider beach volleyball or a walk along the ocean. All of these activities allow you to appreciate the outdoors, let loose and enjoy the freedom of a healthy Spring Break.
  2. Rest! Proper restful sleep is an often forgotten factor in healthy living. We feel like it’s the one thing we never have enough time to do. For college students, Spring Break usually comes after a series of stressful and exasperating midterm exams, which cost students a great deal of rest they may not realize they need. It’s fun to be out and to go wild, but a healthy Spring Break should also be about rest and recovery. Sleep is as good for your body as it is good for your mind, and you need both to be healthy for true wellness.
  3. Pack healthy snacks. Spring Break can involve lengthy trips and time away from home; so, be sure to pack healthy travel snacks, because you know you’ll need them to sustain you while you’re getting where you’re going and upon arrival. A few carrot sticks instead of a bag of potato chips can make all the difference. A very simple salad packed in a portable container dressed with a moderate amount of olive oil can be eaten in the car, on the beach, or wherever you find yourself. Avoid gas station snacks, as they are loaded with salts, artificial flavors, preservatives, and processed sugars.

These three tips for how to stay healthy during Spring Break will keep your energy and activity level high. Feel better, live well, and enjoy a healthy Spring Break this year!

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