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Spring into Healthier Nutrition with Juice Plus+

With spring fast approaching and a focus on better nutrition in March during National Nutrition Month, there’s no better time to start eating healthy. But with a hectic schedule and unhealthy foods so readily available, saying “yes” to better nutrition isn’t always easy to do. While having time to prepare healthy meals is a key to better nutrition, there are small steps you can take today to make eating right, well, easy.

Eat more fruits and vegetables: You’ve heard it before… Americans just aren’t getting enough fruits and vegetables. Healthy eating takes time, planning and can cost a lot of money. That’s why health professionals recommend adding Juice Plus+ to your diet. Juice Plus+ utilizes nutrients from 25 different fruits, veggies and grains to give your body the nutrition it needs.

Nutritionist and eating strategist Lyssa Weiss is one of the many advocates of Juice Plus+. Recently, Weiss appeared in a broadcast segment, you can watch it below, emphasizing the importance of eating right. Like many parents, Weiss and her family don’t always have time to get the right amount of fruits and veggies in their diets.  That’s why she recommends incorporating Juice Plus+ into your family’s daily routine. She highlighted, “Juice Plus+ has been “clinically proven to support immune system function and reduce common cold symptoms.”                                                                     

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