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Studies Show Kids’ Health Rates Improving as Childhood Obesity Drops

Juice Plus+ is thrilled about the research recently released by the Journal of the American Medical Association indicating good news for kids’ health, as the obesity rates in children have decreased by 40% in the past decade. In 2003-2004, the obesity rate in young children was 13.9%. New research released by JAMA states that this rate has dropped to 8.4%. Because of the alarmingly high percentage of obese adults in America, these improvements in kids’ health are promising: if we take steps to reduce childhood obesity in this decade, it is likely that there will be fewer unhealthy adults in future decades.

The foods we grow up eating as kids often become our favorite foods as adults. That’s why it is so important to encourage your kids to eat a healthy diet. When mothers and fathers prepare vegetables and healthy grains for their kids, those children are more likely to carry these healthy habits into adulthood. The Juice Plus+ Children’s Health Study reports that children who take Juice Plus+ are more likely to add fruits and vegetables to their diet, and to consume more water each day. Both of these healthy habits help reduce the chance of obesity in children and adults.

First Lady of the Unites States Michelle Obama has also done a great job helping children form more healthy habits with her Let’s Move! Campaign. Over the past five years, she has successfully impacted kids’ health for the better by promoting healthy eating and exercise among children, and offering advice to parents, schools, community leaders and chefs on raising healthy kids.

It is very exciting to see Americans learning from previous generations and getting back on track to better kids’ health. Eating more fruits and vegetables and less fast food, drinking more water, making a habit of exercising and incorporating Juice Plus+ can all help reduce childhood obesity rates even further. Juice Plus+ is proud to be a part of this kids’ health revolution!


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