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5 Reasons to Grow Good Health with Tower Garden


As a Juice Plus+® customer, you likely know—and appreciate—that Juice Plus+ is an easy solution to help bridge the gap between what we should eat and what we actually do. But it’s important to also minimize that gap as much as possible. By allowing you to grow up to 20 plants­—including almost any vegetable, herb, flower and many fruits—Tower Garden® is a fun way to do that.


1.    Makes gardening easier.

The farm-to-table movement has never been so convenient! With aeroponic technology, Tower Garden eliminates soil-based gardening hassles, such as tilling, weeding, watering and controlling ground pests and plant diseases. Small enough to fit on a sunny balcony, porch or rooftop, Tower Garden offers the perfect gardening solution for those without the space for a traditional garden.


2.    Provides fresh, tasty produce—right outside your back door.

Much of the produce available in grocery stores is days or even weeks old, lacking in nutrition, and may have been treated with chemicals you would prefer to avoid. But when you grow your food with Tower Garden, you know what isand isn’t—in your food. And there’s nothing quite like walking only a few feet to harvest a juicy, vine-ripened tomato or crisp head of lettuce.


3.    Encourages healthier habits.

Most kids—and even many adults—wouldn’t list broccoli or spinach among their favorite foods. But growing your own food with Tower Garden may improve your family’s diet. In fact, studies have shown gardening increases children’s interest in eating fresh fruits and vegetables.*


4.    Offers a “greener” way to grow food.

Tower Garden recycles 100% of its nutrients and water. Plus, it uses less than 10% of both the water and land typically used in conventional and organic farming to produce food more quickly. And being “green” can save you some green, too! Most Tower Gardeners tell us that within 2 years, Tower Garden pays for itself in the form of grocery savings.


5.    Compliments Juice Plus+ perfectly.

With Juice Plus+, you’re already taking strides toward achieving and maintaining good health. Growing (and eating) your own fresh, nutritious produce with Tower Garden is simply the next logical step!


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