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Juice Plus+ Goes Green With New Environmentally Friendly Packaging!

Recently, The Juice Plus+ Company celebrated 20 years of inspiring healthy living around the world. As part of our anniversary celebration, we’re unveiling new environmentally friendly packaging! Throughout the process of updating our bottles and pouches, our goal was to create product packaging that was not only eco-friendly, but convenient and easy to use.  We hope that you’ll like what you see!

Staying true to our commitment to improve the environment, the new Juice Plus+ capsule bottles contain less plastic per container. Additionally, each Juice Plus+ capsule bottle now contains twice as many capsules, reducing the number of bottles per carton and helping to further eliminate waste.

Knowing that our customers range from busy moms to business professionals, our team worked diligently with packaging experts to develop new packaging that was not only eco-friendly but user-friendly. New lids allow for a wider opening in the top of the capsule bottles, making dispensing capsules easier for users of all ages.

Not only does our new packaging help us achieve our sustainability efforts, it is now even brighter and more beautiful than before. We hope you’ll keep an eye out for our new packaging in your mail soon and let us know what you think in the comment section below. 

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